About Us

The Japan Meteorological Business Support Center (JMBSC) is a general incorporated foundation* inaugurated in 1994, in accordance with the Meteorological Service Act of Japan, under the supervision of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), National Meteorological Service of Japan.

JMBSC aims at supporting the sound development of meteorological services in the private sector and the efforts by the authorities concerned towards the promotion of public welfare such as prevention/mitigation of natural hazards and prosperity of socio-economic activities, and offering research and international cooperation.

* A 'general incorporated foundation' is an organ officially registered with the government to ensure a variety of services on a non-profit basis.

Our Services

Since its inauguration, JMBSC has provided a wide-range of services, particularly in the following five major fields:

  1. Dissemination of meteorological data, products and information generated by JMA on both real-time and non-real-time bases to user communities; (More)
  2. National examination for Certified Weather Forecasters; (More)
  3. Official verification of the meteorological instruments; (More)
  4. International cooperation to support Official Development Assistance (ODA) and other relevant activities; (More)
  5. Promotion of meteorological researches (ex., climate change and severe weather); (More) and
  6. Other services relevant to promotion of meteorological services in the private sector and the authorities concerned (ex., education and training, and consultancy) (More)

JMBSC leaflet (PDF)

September 2020
International Workshop Convection-Permitting Modeling for Climate Research -Current and Future Challenges-
We had a live virtual workshop on 2-4 of September 2020 instead of the postponed in-person 4th Convection-Permitting Modeling (CPM) Workshop.
June 2017
International Workshop of Climate Downscaling Studies (2-4 October 2017, International Congress Center EPOCHAL Tsukuba); http://www.pco-prime.com/dsws2017/
May 2017
Establishment of the Office of Global Environment and Climate Research Promotion; (PDF)
February 2017
Real-time Data Dissemination of Himawari-8/9 Imagery to the Private Sector and Other Communities; (PDF)
October 2016
Review of Meteorological Services in Japan and Lessons for Developing Countries; (PDF)