2017 International Workshop on Climate Downscaling Studies

2017 DSWS participants at International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA

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Name Affiliation Presentation Title
Session 0: Keynote Lectures
Fredolin Tangang The National University of Malaysia Addressing Information Gaps and Data Needs for Adapting to Climate Change Impacts in the Southeast Asia Region Through the Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling (SEACLID)/CORDEX Southeast Asia Project
Huang-Hsiung Hsu Academia Sinica A Brief Review of Asian Climate Variability (12.1MB)
Liqiang Sun North Carolina State University Climate Downscaling for the National Climate Assessment: Practices and Challenges (13.9MB)
Session 1.1: Global and Regional Climate Changes
Daniel Mitchell University of Bristol Future Climate, the Paris Agreement and Impacts on Society (3.37MB)
Yukiko Imada Meteorological Research Institute Event Attribution with Large-Ensemble Simulations Generated by MRI-AGCM
Hideo Shiogama National Institute for Environmental Studies Changes in Frequencies of Extreme Events Due to the Past,1.5, and 2.0, Warming
Session 1.2: Global and Regional Climate Changes
Roy Rasmussen National Center for Atmospheric Research Dynamical Downscaling: Is it Worth it? (4.67MB)
Sachiho A. Adachi RIKEN Downscaling Procedure for Evaluating Future Regional Climate Change (104KB)
Hiroaki Kawase Meteorological Research Institute Past Simulation and Future Projection of Snowfall over Mountainous Areas in Central Japan (3.08MB)
Kenichi Ueno University of Tsukuba Observing Mountain Weather Variability in Japan
Kenji Tanaka Kyoto University Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Snow Water Resources with Combined Use of 5kmRCM and Multi-Ensemble 60GCM
Session 2: Extreme Events and Downscaling
Izuru Takayabu Meteorological Research Institute Introduction of TOUGOU Theme C
-Integrated Climate Projection-
Cheng-Ta Chen National Taiwan Normal University Regional Statistical Downscaling of Extreme Weather and Climate Indices: From Daily Data to Extreme Events
Sachie Kanada Nagoya University Impacts of SST Patterns on Rapid Intensification of Typhoon Megi (2010)
Yasutaka Wakazuki Ibaraki University / JAMSTEC Initial Bubble for Idealized Simulations of Cumulus Convections
Session 3.1: Downscaling over the Asian Countries
Hyun-Suk Kang National Institute of Meteorological Sciences, KMA A Project on Regional Climate Change for East Asia and Korean Peninsula (4.21MB)
Jerasorn Santisirisomboon Ramkhamhaeng University Downscaling of CMIP-5 GCMs for Future Climate Projection over the Area of Southeast Asia and Thailand (2.41MB)
Faye Cruz Manila Observatory Evaluation of NHRCM High-Resolution Climate Simulations over the Philippines (6.28MB)
Session 4: Interdisciplinary Studies on Regional Climate Change
Hideki Kanamaru Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Localized Climate Data and Risk Information in Support of Transformational Climate Change Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector (800KB)
Douglas Maraun University of Graz Challenges in Downscaling Research (1.31MB)
Ke-Sheng Cheng National Taiwan University Estimating Design Rainfalls Using Dynamical Downscaling Data (1.47MB)
Masaru Inatsu Hokkaido University Toward Substantial Social Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Technology. An Advanced Attempt in Hokkaido (1.43MB)
Session 5: CORDEX-Asia ESD
Koji Dairaku National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience Hi-Resolution Multi-Ensemble Statistical Downscaling Regional Climate Scenarios (1.72MB)
Nuzba Shaheen Global Change Impact Studies Centre Performance Evaluation and Statistical Downscaling of CORDEX RCMs for Impact Assessment Studies in South Asia and South East Asia
Shaukat Ali Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC), Ministry of Climate Change, Pakistan Future Projections of Climate Extremes over Pakistan Using QM, DQM and QDM Statistical Downscaling/Bias-Correction
Ashwini Aniruddha Kulkarni Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Statistical Downscaling for South Asian Region
Seonae Kim Kongju National University Statistical Downscaling for Daily Precipitation in Korea Using Combined PRISM, RCM,and Quantile Mapping: Part 1. Methodology and Evaluation in Historical Simulation (1.27MB)
Session 3.2: Downscaling over the Asian Countries
Jun Matsumoto Tokyo Metropolitan University Climate of the Philippines and the Sea Surface Temperature Effect on Summer Monsoon Rainfall (4.89MB)
Gemma Teresa Narisma Manila Observatory / Ateneo de Manila University Factors Behind the Inability of Regional Climate Modeling to Capture Monsoon Rainfall over the Philippines
Sanjay Jayanarayanan Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Future Changes in Land-Atmosphere Feedback over India (684KB)
Ngo-Duc Thanh University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Regional Climate Downscaling over Vietnam: Time of Emergence in Temperature and Precipitation Changes (2.56MB)
Hideki Kanamaru Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Keynote Lecture Summary Report (345KB)
Hiroaki Kawase Meteorological Research Institute Session 1.1 Summary Report (126KB)
Rui Ito Japan Meteorological Buisness Support Center Session 1.2 Summary Report (15.4KB)
Yukari Osakada Kyoto University Session 2 Summary Report (84.9KB)
Sujittra Ratjiranukool Chiang Mai University Session 3.1 Summary Report (95.5KB)
Ngo-Duc Thanh University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Session 3.2 Summary Report (108KB)
Martin Gomez Garcia Nippon Koei Co.,Ltd. R&D Center Session 4 Summary Report (117KB)
Shaukat Ali Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC), Ministry of Climate Change, Pakistan Session 5 Summary Report (207KB)
Izuru Takayabu Meteorological Research Institute Summary of Workshop (252KB)