Other Services

    Seminar on
    Latest Forecast Techniques
  1. Education and Training
  2. JMBSC provides several basic and comprehensive training courses on meteorology for a few months duration. Several spot seminars are organized to transfer forecast techniques newly developed by JMA to the private weather forecasting industry.

  3. Publication Services
  4. JMBSC carries out reprint services of JMA's publications and issuance of JMBSC original publications. (e.g., Japan Meteorological Yearbook)

  5. Consulting Services

  6. Research on Heat Illness Prevention

    JMBSC conducts the following consulting services for the enhancement of meteorological and environmental services of the private sector and the relevant authorities:

  • Consultancy for the contents and utilizations of distributing data, products and information provided through JMBSC; and
  • Weather-related practical research and development with the relevant authorities concerned to the promotion of public welfare (Ex. Research on heatstroke including the countermeasures for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo).