Verification of the Meteorological Instruments

Verification of a Wind Vane/Anemometer

In order to maintain the meteorological observation accurate, consistent and valid, the verification of meteorological instruments is indispensable. In Japan, it is regulated that official meteorological observations shall be performed with the officially verified instruments in compliance with the Meteorological Service Act of Japan. While JMA has the responsibility for the verification of meteorological instruments as the national authority, the individual verification tests and issuance of certificates of instruments for surface and upper-air observations are carried out by JMBSC, with the authorization by JMA, in accordance with the procedures and guidelines established by JMA.

Inspection Certificate

The verification service is conducted through: (a) submission of instruments directly to JMBSC; or (b) submission of calibration data, obtained in the manufacture's laboratories registered in JMA, to JMBSC. In the former case, JMBSC implements the verification test of each instrument and issues the certificate. In the latter case, after a careful evaluation of the calibration data submitted, JMBSC issues the certificate. For each qualified instrument, a verification/inspection certificate is issued in Japanese, with English translation if necessary, at marginal cost. Every year, JMBSC issues around 11,000 to 14,000 certificates of instruments.