Promotion of Meteorological Researches

JMBSC carries out two projects to promote meteorological researches, and to tackle scientific understanding and prediction of climate change and severe weather, in cooperation with research groups of the Meteorological Research Institute (MRI)/JMA, universities and research institutes in Japan, and with overseas researchers and institutes.

The 1st project is "Theme C: Integrated Climate Change Projection" as one of components in the "Integrated Climate Model Advanced Research Program (TOUGOU)" with 4 themes from A to D, under the grant of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for FY 2017-2021. Theme C has a responsibility to tackle scientific understanding and projections of climate change.

The 2nd project is "Theme 1: Short-range Regional Prediction" as one of components in the "Large Ensemble Atmospheric and Environmental Prediction for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation" with 4 themes from 1 to 4 led by Tokyo University under the Program for Promoting Researches on the Supercomputer "FUGAKU" by MEXT for FY 2020-2022. Theme 1 has a responsibility to develop probabilistic forecast of severe weather.

International Workshop on Climate Downscaling Studies, hosted by TOUGOU-C, Tsukuba on 2-4 October 2017